Multiple Award winner –  Mid Century Modern Masterpiece, Ladue Mo. Featured by St Louis At Home Magazine. Restoring the original architecture and unveiling style and sophistication. Cohesive and cozy, neutral colors and textures coordinate with the character of the home. The juxtaposition of old and new.  


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Sara Luigs
I have spent 10+ years in upper management of the Fashion and Interior Design Industry. With a passion in marketing, merchandising and design, my diverse background has led me into designing and creating this Interior Design Firm. With my education and experience in the industry, I am able to support my design staff and you as the client through the design and special order process to ensure the best possible experience. I am passionate about my people, my design staff and our clients. It is my personal mission to provide a fun and interactive environment and I will do my best to uphold your personal standards for excellence.