To TV or Not to TV??…that is the question…

Do you LOVE or HATE the TV above the fireplace? Personally I don’t mind it as long as it is designed well and the TV does not become the Focal Point of the room. Nothing good comes from a 70”+ TV being mounted over a small fireplace. I also hate it when it is mounted too high….makes for a horrible neck ache! Who wants to watch a Cardinals game, News, or better yet Real Housewives on a TV that is hung 12’ in the air!

Here are 4 simple tips on how to make mounting over the fireplace better for viewing and creating 1 focal point in your space!

1.  Lose the mantle, it allows you to mount it lower.

2.  Lose the raised hearth, it gives your space a sleeker, more modern feel.

3.  Don’t mount is so high, that you feel like your in the dreaded front row at the movie theater when watching TV.

4.  Mount the TV on a tilting arm, it allows you to tilt the TV down when watching it.

In our new home I am on the fence on whether or not to mount the TV above our fireplace. I hate the idea of giving up the mantle real estate and decorating it during the holidays, but looking at the well designed fireplaces below…I think its something I could definitely be OK with!

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Megan Dunkmann
My diverse background in traveling, arts and the desire for all new trends, lends me the opportunity to have the ability create one of a kind spaces for my clients. Armed with a degree in Interior Design and over 9+ years experience, I have designed all environments from high-end residential homes to commercial spaces throughout the St. Louis area, from restaurants, healthcare facilities to common areas at private high-rise condominiums. Design is a passion I carry with me everyday and through my creativity I am able to pass that along to my clients in their spaces.