Operation::Teen Triplets // Bedrooms Revealed  [Such a FUN project!!]

CURE Senior Designer, Cori Dyer was tasked with revamping teen bedrooms x3, that’s right, TRIPLETS!  All different in style and personality, but close being triplets, wanting their spaces being specific and different, but equally dynamic and awesome in their own right, and reinventing each space individually.

Read along as she takes you through her masterminded process with all three teens!

The “gist” of the job in the beginning was to ” spruce” up their spaces and bring in some current patterns and colors.  Maybe change out the bedding or paint color, make it a little more current…I had the opportunity to meet with triplet #2, whom we will refer to as “E” and triplet #3, aka “C”… but Triplet #1, “A” was away at ski school so I just used the feedback from the other 2 on her likes and dislikes…Here it goes…I think you will be impressed with the Gallery of each room alone, not to mention when you see the transformation from the BEFORE snapshots, WOW!!!

Lets begin with Triplet “A”

The furniture was recently purchased so we really needed to get the job done in bedding, color, patterns, and infusing some key pieces/accessories to work in conjunction with the youthful furniture selection.
The inspiration to her design came from a Designers Guild wallpaper that resembled the color of the sky…from there we changed the wall color to a soft gray, added new bedding and pillows, gave the window treatments a neutral texture, changed out overhead lighting and lamps and infused some current accessories.
The change was exactly what was needed! But….we weren’t quite finished. We decided at that point that some extra storage was needed as well as an opportunity to bring that outdoor woodsy feeling into her room. We then changed her nightstand to more of a dresser wrapped in the gloss white and drawers in reclaimed wood.
What a difference!!! But, collectively we still I felt we needed one more change to give her room that “wow” factor. I then decided to change the drama of her existing headboard to one that was spectacular!!  And it worked!!!
We are still in the process of changing out her desk, but for the most part we are there!!!
Check out her Fresh Gallery Here!
Triplet “E”
She immediately was drawn to the back/white palette with pops of pinks, purples, and greens.
I found some graphic Designers Guild fabric in black, white pinks, oranges and green…it was perfect. From there the black diamond textured wallpaper on the ceiling which had a little sparkle gave her room the uniqueness needed!  The zebra hide rug was easy, as well as the greens in the accessories and lighting. A Stray dog overhead light that added a little whimsy finished the space for her and adds a beautiful reflection and shadow play on the perimeter walls!
Take a look at her Glam Gallery Here! Included for your viewing pleasure are a few BEFORE photos!

Triplet “C” (and I think my personal favorite due to the dramatic transformation)

I asked if we could do a complete makeover with furnishings as she had inherited old furniture from a previous home.
Being a little more “girly” than the other 2… I immediately went to the pinks but had to reinvent the overall color palette in hopes not to repeat…so I added the orange color palette as well as some teals.
We completely changed to a neutral wall color but added a little whimsy to the desk nook with a high gloss bright pink. The bed was switched to an iron bed to change up the upholstered beds in the other 2 girlsrooms and then we added in the rustic nightstands and wood tiled dresser to complete the design. Added in a bright chevron print rug, modern wing chair in a vibrant pink, added textured window treatments and the makeover was amazing!!!  The space looks so much larger and more functional.
Check out her Vibrant Gallery Here!
Amazing right?!
I am so happy with the outcome but certainly not as happy as the girls!  They all love their spaces and the others for each and every detail but most importantly, they love the uniqueness of their rooms as each one reflects their own personalities, recreated independently and beautifully.
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Cori Dyer
After graduating from the University of Missouri, K.C., I spent my days raising our three boys. However, my interest in fashion and interior design kept me reading and taking classes in the design field. After working in a high-end retail fashion store in St. Louis, I realized that putting together assorted fabrics, textures and styles was a passion. After decorating my own home, and those of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, I realized that my passion and "eye" for fashion work equally well in interior design. I have built some of my strongest relationships through the opportunity of creating spaces for my clients over the years. I will learn your lifestyle and taste, and working with you, I will create a design that exceeds your expectations.