This designer client relationship is one based on friendship. Senior Designer Cori Dyer and client have an indescribable partnership and unmentioned understanding when it comes to decorating this home. A vintage charmer with a modern flair, filled with collectables and uncommon goods that make this space a unique and spectacular.

Cori Dyer:
I first met Sally when our boys became friends at Chaminade in 2007.
Since then, we have stayed close and become great friends.

Several years back she asked for my help giving her ideas on ways to spruce things up a bit and work with her on a major remodel.

A little intimidating as Sally has a beautiful home and is an avid collector of vintage finds…. way before the trend of blending old and new was popular.
She has an eye for unique ways to use vintage pieces and incorporating those into some of the most interesting and compelling displays. What has made this design relationship work is simply one of respect. I know when to give her that push outside of her comfort zone and incorporate her collections with selections that work with what she has, but that offer a new spin on putting it all together.

From that initial “spruce up” has come a makeover in her Living Room and currently one completed in her Family Room.
Although there are signs of my design throughout her home, the detail and selection of the collections and vintage finds are all Sally!!
I truly think that is how Design should be. Blending old and new, and a Designer listening to what makes the client happy.

Client: It was fun to be in style for a year or two, but it’s back to being the quirky lady. I started collecting in my teens and enjoy the hunt for new finds of all types. Cori helped me to enjoy my collections in a new and modern way! As always I had too many things. With her designer eye she taught me to blend the old and the new and to use different materials. The best part was going shopping with one of my best friends, who just happens to be a designer!! She is definitely the ying to my much needed yang.

Modern Vintage Charmer Gallery


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Cori Dyer
After graduating from the University of Missouri, K.C., I spent my days raising our three boys. However, my interest in fashion and interior design kept me reading and taking classes in the design field. After working in a high-end retail fashion store in St. Louis, I realized that putting together assorted fabrics, textures and styles was a passion. After decorating my own home, and those of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, I realized that my passion and "eye" for fashion work equally well in interior design. I have built some of my strongest relationships through the opportunity of creating spaces for my clients over the years. I will learn your lifestyle and taste, and working with you, I will create a design that exceeds your expectations.