Its #flashbackfriday!  Come take a tour of some Vegas magic with me, the architecture, design, fashion and of course the infamous Chihuly.  Lets GO!  Walking the sultry streets of Vegas, I was immediately struck by all of the magic around me.  The Architecture alone was outstanding and enough to satisfy my need for daily inspiration, however, the swanky lounges, endless design elements, fashion streaking (in some cases, literally streaking…it is Vegas) through the streets all day and all night.  It is the city that never sleeps right?!

Our digs:

We stayed at the very new and very chic Vdara in CityCenter.  It was everything we wanted and more.  Situated on the backside of the Bellagio, it had a private lounge, outdoor space, bars and salon for its guests only.  No casino for this chick…don’t get me wrong I love a roulette wheel, but didn’t want to hear the sounds of it all night, we wanted a modern escape and the Vdara delivered.

The Streets:

Walking the streets of Vegas is an adventure all in itself.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a people watcher, doesn’t matter where I am, the pool, the mall, the coffee shop, working, I get wrapped up in it all……well, Vegas was an education to say the least!  Here are some of my favorite moments, people, places and things.

Best. In. Show. :

CHIHULY LOVE.  I had the unmatched opportunity to photgraph these amazing and innovative pieces.  In awe of the character and patience put in to all of his creations, we could have stayed in the Chihuly showroom, located in CityCenter, Las Vegas for hours.  Beautiful anytime of day I am certain, however, the night “performance” was thrilling to say the least.   We would have liked to take a piece of Chihuly Love home with us to the “Lou”, as there is one in particular that continued to pull us back in “for one more look” (the copper colored inset bowls-the daddy, the momma) but sadly, we left them in LV to reside there together for all visitors to enjoy.  Check out his work…  Here are some of my favorite shots.

The Mother Ship: Fashion-Vegas:  I don’t know you but, do these shots give you the feeling that “The Mother Ship is calling you home”?  I mean come on!!  The Fashion scene in all its Architectural glory…

Now, of course, we did partake in the traditionalism of Vegas and almost all of what that entails, however, if you ever get the pleasure of experiencing Vegas the way we did, I encourage you to look beyond typical Vegas “glitter” and look beyond the tourist attractions, sun and palm trees and take in all the architecture, design and fashion has to offer.  After revisiting these photos, I certainly want to return sooner rather than later…until next time V.



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Sara Luigs
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