Chic + Modern Baby Girl Nursery

My husband and I have been so blessed to welcome the most precious baby girl into our lives.  Seriously….she is just as sweet as she is perfect.  This space was transformed from a graveyard for all things electronic from the 90’s and an overflow room for everything else.  We all have those rooms right?  RIGHT??!  We cleaned it out and it sat empty for months.  I had a vision for the space I wanted to create for our nursery, but didn’t…or couldn’t pull the trigger on anything until I knew who SHE was.  I had a feeling this wiggly baby in my tummy was something special.  Fierce, sweet and unique.  We had a few names on our list, Emma, Reece, Eva…[my dear husband liked that one] so my oldest daughter really REALLY wanted her name to be Emma Jameson.  So for the time being, we went with it.  I felt comfortable with it and it was growing on us.  We would call it out around the house from time to time and it seemed to fit our family.

Hence, the design process began.  It was all centered around the gorgeous West Elm area rug.  Bright, spunky and just the pop I needed.  I wanted all of the other elements in the space to be neutral, chic and modern.  Layered in texture rather than color, no baby or parent wants to rock or play in a nursery rhyme, primary colored circus.  I wanted this room to be an extension of our home, simple in its design and beautiful.

Layer by layer, piece by piece, the room began to take shape.  I love this room, it has the best light in the entire house.  We would often find ourselves just sitting in there wondering who this baby would be and wishing her to just come faster.

One evening, sitting in her room, with the darling Global Views white ball lamp on, music playing, something about babynoname/emmajameson [?] living here just didn’t feel right anymore…we took polls online, changed her name on the daily until it felt right…and it didn’t feel right until the nurse at the hospital asked us her name on delivery day.  I mean, if you have 9 months to decide something that will last a lifetime, you take every second to be sure… right?  Her name is not Emma Jameson, it’s Avery Reese and we can not imagine her being anything else.



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Sara Luigs
Wow time flies!! 12 YEARS!! My team and I are so thankful and grateful to all of our clients, industry partners, family, friends and fans. Cure Design Group has been like living a dream…a dream that was developed to live out my passion and inspiration through my own firm. Creating a way for designers to be creative and supported, a way for me to raise my girls and have work/life balance. I think this is something every Boss Babe wants right? Prior to CDG’s inception, I had spent 10+ years in upper management of the Fashion and Interior Design Industry. With a passion in marketing, merchandising and design, my diverse background led me into designing and creating this Interior Design Firm. With my education and experience in the industry, I am able to support my design staff and you as the client through the design and special order process to ensure the best possible experience. I am passionate about my people, my team and our clients. It is my personal mission to provide a fun and interactive environment and I will do my best to uphold your personal standards for excellence.