The Art of Entertaining

For me, entertaining is all in the details. It’s about making your guests feel extra special and going the extra step when having friends and family over. Whether it be a night of bbq’ing, holidays or in this case, a First Birthday Party!

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Our sweet daughter turned one this past week and of course I had to go “all out” for this little ones first. But lets be honest….are they really going to remember it? Heck no! We all know its more for the parents! And who doesn’t love a first birthday party? Kiddos running around, games, cotton candy and of course the much anticipated Smash Cake!  I decided upon a “Pink Lemonade Stand” theme and went with it. I figured I only have a few years of choosing her birthday party themes before she demands Dora, Sesame Street or holidays or in this case, a First Birthday Party!  Barney, right??!!

Pink, Yellow, Whites and Grays were the colors I chose and everything took off from there. I sweet talked my husband into making me a very large Lemonade Stand that I white washed. I used this for the Lemonade Containers (Pink and Regular) and mason jars. This was the focal point for the party and was a huge hit! It really showcased the theme. This was an inexpensive item to make, made of shipping pallets. And of course we had a side bar set up for guests to “spike” their Lemonade if they so wished.

Gold trays were used on the bar to display the spirits, cocktail napkins, straws, etc. When doing a bar set up, trays are a great way to “fancy up” the area without having to do much. Trays can be used in so many ways and this is just a favorite of mine.  Inside I had a Dessert Bar set up with the smash cake, birthday cake and other fun bite-sized desserts. A dessert bar is a place to have fun and get creative! There were mini pies, lemon bars in-a jar, glitter bites, chocolate caramel truffles, rice krispie treats, mini cheesecakes and chocolate dipped oreos. We also went “old school” and had mason jars filled with “penny candy” much like you would find at a lemonade stand or old soda shop. I love giving guests options and it was a fun display for the party!


Entertaining is a great way to have fun and give your guests a fun experience when they come to your home. It doesn’t haven’t to be expensive, just think out of the box, add those small details and have fun with it!!

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Megan Dunkmann
My diverse background in traveling, arts and the desire for all new trends, lends me the opportunity to have the ability create one of a kind spaces for my clients. Armed with a degree in Interior Design and over 9+ years experience, I have designed all environments from high-end residential homes to commercial spaces throughout the St. Louis area, from restaurants, healthcare facilities to common areas at private high-rise condominiums. Design is a passion I carry with me everyday and through my creativity I am able to pass that along to my clients in their spaces.