Today I’m sharing a smaller project that I have been giving some design consulting on for the past few months. The clients have recently downsized from a large home to a smaller villa.  They purged a lot throughout the move and have acquired some great new furniture, but wanted some style ideas.

This was the space when we first met.

Before Patty 1

Nothing offensive, they had some great furniture pieces to start off with; it was just a little boring.  It needed some soul and visual interest infused. The only requirements from the clients were that two recliners must be added for comfortable TV watching. Recliners are not something that I ever work with, so that would be a bit of a challenge, but aside from that they were willing to experiment with my ideas.

First thing up was to determine the floor plan.  I liked their recently purchased rug quite a lot, but the size was driving me crazy.  I am a firm believer that area rugs should extend at least under the first set of legs in an arrangement. An easy way to remedy this was to layer an additional sisal rug under their existing one. The plan was based on this layout…

Patty Design Plan

The next, and most important objective, was to create a major statement on the focal wall where the TV is located.  We decided to paint it a more saturated accent color…

Before Patty 2 paint

Then we conceptualized a shelf system to be built around the TV to add depth and visual interest. The plan was inspired by industrial shelves I had previously designed. The clients found and refinished their own reclaimed materials, and the husband planned out all of the measurements.

Patty Custom shelving unit

It turned out fantastic.  I styled it up, along with the coffee and side tables and added some color and pattern by way of throw pillows. 



I think it turned out great and the clients love it, which is most important. Please contact me if you need some help adding personality into your space. 

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