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I just began working my youngest client yet, unless you count a 1 year old’s bedroom I once designed.  But technically the 1 year old’s parents were my clients, so I’m not sure if an 11 month old would qualify as an actual client.  Anyway, my new client has recently graduated from college, started a new job at a CPA firm, and decided to move back home with her parents to save money for a year.

Excellent idea, however her parents have just sold the home she grew up in, and her new bedroom looks like this…bad…really bad…


Oh dear….

First things first, we have to get rid of everything.  And I mean errrrrrthang. With a clean slate, I’m now working to redesign her temporary bedroom into a fun and feminine retreat for her to enjoy while she is working hard and staying with the folks. The only requirement is that all of the pieces we will purchase need to be reusable for the apartment she will move into next year. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Like with any client I work with, I asked for her to gather a few inspirational images for me to gain a visual to her personal style.  Here are a few of the images she showed me…

Katie-Inspiration Pic 1 Katie-Inspiration Pic 2

I pulled the common denominators of a feminine color palatewhite tufted headboard,mirrored desk/vanityacrylic Ghost style chair, and Ginger jar accessories and added a few more elements to the mix.  The look is young and preppy, with a dash of Chinoiserie. 

I finally got the finishing touches on Project #PreppyChinoiserie today and I must say, its adorable. To refresh your memory, the client is a recent college grad who has moved back home with her parents to save money for a while she is beginning her CPA career.  Good plan, bad room.

I was hopeful the client loved the space as much as I did.  She didn’t get home from work until 9 pm, so I would miss the “reveal” which is the best part.  Luckily her Mom recorded her seeing the space for the first time, so cute!  Check out the video here!

Isn’t that sweet? Incase you were wondering, I am now designing her Mom’s living room. Stay tuned!

If you need help transforming a space, please e-mail me at . I’d love to help!


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