I am so excited to share the reveal photographs of a recent project designed in Dexter, MO.  I am so lucky to have beautiful pictures taken by Megan Thiele.

First….the “Before.”

Dexter Before 1

And the “After.”

DesignviaDexter 19

To give you some background, this client first messaged in a frenzy explaining that she was “building her dream house that was quickly becoming a nightmare” and wanted help.  Well, of course I can! Except…she lives almost 3 hours away in a very small town.  Designing via e-mails and texts is WAY different than actually being in a space and buying products in person.

She promised that she loved brass and gold just as much as I did, and I was sold.  PLUS her home was already gorgeous.  She had selected the finishes herself; trim, flooring, paint, and lighting was already done. The main furniture pieces had also already been purchased.

She wanted color and pattern, stylish but still kid friendly, and a tiny dose of bling. So, are you ready to get on with it and check out this awesome home?

Well, come on then! 

I would love to help you turn a nightmare into a design dream.  Please e-mail contact@curedesigngroup.com if you are interested in working on a project!

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